SME Pick-up arm M2-10



Series M2

The Series M2 embraces three models the M2-9, M2-10 and M2-12 offering pivot-stylus dimensions covering virtually all turntable requirements.

These arms offer at reasonable cost, meticulous build quality with all the most important features including lightweight stainless steel tonearm, detachable magnesium headshell with azimuth adjustment, tungsten balance weight, superb quality ball race bearings etc., and a level of stiffness and rigidity to suit all types of cartridge.

These precision pick-up arms embody well tried SME principles and are suited to a broad range of cartridges including those of medium and low compliance.

Series M2 DimensionsSeries M2-9Series M2-10Series M2-12
A – Distance from pivot to stylus232.20mm239.30mm308.80mm
B – Distance from pivot to turntable centre215.40mm222.0mm295.60mm
C – Cartridge fixing centres12.70mm12.70mm12.70mm
F – Overhang17.80mm17.30mm13.21mm
G – Height above mounting surface87.0mm max
63.0mm min
87.0mm max
63.0mm min
87.0mm max
63.0mm min
    *Note: Spacer P1, part no. 3823/IV is required when the turntable surface
is more than 41.30mm above the surface on which the arm is mounted
H – Height of record surface above mounting surface67.40mm max
43.40mm min
67.40mm max
43.40mm min
67.40mm max
43.40mm min
J – Depth below mounting surface46.0mm46.0mm46.0mm
K – Radial clearance for balance weight51.0mm51.0mm51.0mm
+ – Tracking adjustment12.70mm12.70mm12.70mm

Additional Information

The M2 shell is pressure die-cast in magnesium for lightness and rigidity.

Series M2-9 is the standard arm having a pivot-stylus dimension of 233.2 mm (9.18”) and will therefore be the one most frequently used.

Series M2-10 is identical except that the pivot-stylus dimension is 239.3 mm (9.42”) a difference that suits the layout of some decks.



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