How to order

How to order

Step 1:
If you are looking for a specific product, the fastest way to find it, is by entering the name of the product in the search function.

Step 2:
You can choose how many products you want to order. In addition, you can select the optional color, material or a component you want to add to the product.
NOTE: The images used are indications and may differ from the color and condition of the device.

Step 3:
Repeat steps 1 and 2, if necessary, for more items.

Step 4:
After you have made your choice, click with your mouse on “Add To Cart” button.

Above the product you will see a “View Cart” button. That will take you to a window showing what is in your shopping cart.
View Cart

If you have a Coupon code, you can enter it, and press “Apply Coupon” button.
Apply Coupon

Step 5:
On the right side, under the “CART TOTALS” title, you will find “Calculate shipping” option. When you fill in the fields, click “Update Totals”, and “Proceed To Checkout” button afterwords.
Proceed To Checkout

Step 6:
You will now come to the input screen, “Billing details”, where you fill in the data that are requested.
This screen also shows a total overview of your order.

Step 7:
“Proceed To PayPal” button – you can pay through PayPal, or with your credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.
Proceed To PayPal

All prices include VAT.