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New Devialet Phantom I – 108dB Gold – Previously Phantom Premier Gold

 2.999,00 4.217,00

  • The New Phantoms “Gold” now in White (Rosé Gold side-plates) or  Black (Dark Chrome side-plates).
  • Now standard with a matching Devialet REMOTE!
  • Grade I Titanium Tweeter
  • 108 dB SPL. 14Hz – 27kHz. 1100 Watts RMS.
  • AirPlay-2, UPnP, Spotify Connect, WIFI, BlueTooth, ROON-READY!
  • Choose your accessories; Tree-stand, Tree-pod stand, Arch or Coccoon.



After years of Phantom Premier Classic, (Silver) and Gold and recently the Phantom Reactor 600 + 900, Devialet has updated its Phantom line of speakers!

The “Big” Phantom Premier is now available as two versions: the Phantom-I 103dB-model, the successor of the Classic and the Phantom-I 108dB-model, the successor of the Gold.
The “Small” Phantom Reactor is still available in two versions, now named Phantom-II 95dB and Phantom-II 98dB.

Devialet Phantom-I 103dB and 108dB now also have a very modern white or black NEXTEL soft exterior with depending on the model Light Chrome, Matt Black, Dark Chrome or Rose Gold side-plates. Of the Phantom-I 108dB model, and the Phantom-II 98dB model there is still the Opera de Paris version with Matt yellow gold-plated side-plates.

For the ultimate listening experience all Phantom’s can be combined with a second Phantom of the same model into a stereo-pair. This way a set of Phantoms can truly substitute a classic high-end hifi system, even for many ” Audiophiles ” !

In addition to even more power the 108dB model uses Devialet’s Titanium tweeter, making it sound even more open, even more detailed and even smoother in the upper regions compared to the already fantastic Phantom 103dB/Classics.

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