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Devialet Expert 250 PRO COMPANION


Companion Integrated Amplifier for Expert 250 PRO

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D-250 Pro Companion – (Required to turn a Devialet Expert 250 Pro into a Expert 1000 PRO Dual Mono Setup)

Companion Hybrid Integrated ADH/SAM integrated Audio System Pre/Amplifier/DAC 192Khz Wi Fi Compatible, Configurable inputs (800 watts mono) to match D-250 M, no remote control supplied.


The companion is the second Devialet 250 Pro required for a Dual-Mono configuration.It is equipped with all technologies, inputs and features of a master device (except the WiFi card). Therefore, it can also be configured as a stereo device for a multi-amplification system.

Content of the companion case
  • A companion device (without the WiFi card)
  • A Crystal Cable Standard Diamond digital link cable
  • An SD-Card for the slave configuration
  • A companion setup manual


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