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Graham Audio LS5/9

 4.700,00 6.590,00

BBC licensed monitor loudspeaker – pair


Transparent Audio

Every nuance of a performance heard just as the day it was recorded

Uncoloured Reproduction

The LS5/9‘s unparalled resolution will allow your system to step up to its full potential


Graham Audio have combined modern production techniques and acute attention to detail to build a truly superior unit

A Legend is Born

Drawn from the rich legacy of many exhaustive years of BBC research and development in engineering studio sound, the new Graham Audio LS5/9, a BBC licensed monitor loudspeaker.

Hear the difference.

The Graham Audio LS5/9

Graham Audio recognised the qualities of the BBC’s legendary LS5/9, but were troubled by the lack of spare parts and support for any loudspeakers still in use. This studio monitor loudspeaker is much sought after by conniseurs of high fidelity audio so after consultation with the BBC it was agreed to relaunch the original design under license. BBC Research and Development staff from that era had long-since retired but from surviving documentation it was possible to discover the essence of the original LS5/9 as intended by R&D. The challenge was to recreate it in a form that has all of the essential qualities of the original design while using modern design and manufacturing techniques to avoid the longevity issues inherent in the original design.

  • System : 2 Way Reflex
  • Cabinet : Thin wall construction (critically-damped) Birch plywood
  • Finish : Cherrywood / Rosewood / Oak or Ebony Maccasa veneer
  • Dimensions : 28cm x 27.5cm x 46cm
  • Weight : 14kg
  • Responses : 50Hz~16kHz +/-3dB
  • Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity : 87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)
  • Maximum Output : Over 100dB for a pair @ 2m
  • Bass/Midrange : 200mm Diaphnatone Polypropylene
  • Tweeter : Son Audax HD 13D34H
  • Crossover : FL 6/36, 24 Precision Elements
  • Recommended Amplifier Power : 50 to 200 watts unclipped programme


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