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Kokomo MK3 kit for Garrard 301


  • The Kokomo Mk III version has a resonance-optimized thrustplate a new gasket and new fixing screws compared to the Mk II.
  • It is still one of the easiest upgrades for your Garrard!


What´s the Kokomo Kit Mk3?
The Kokomo has had an upgrade!; Compared to the already fantastic Mk II the thrustplate has been optimized for resonances and there is a new gasket with fixing screws!

The Kokomo kit is a new hydraulic design thrust plate for your Garrard 301  It’s a one piece design from bronze, that means the bottom plate and the dome with the bearing is made in one solid piece. The result is a perfect synergy of all rotating parts. Many years of research and development have created a bearing assembly that brings about vastly improved performance.

The construction is changed to a hydraulic design, the means the spindle axis runs on a oil film and has no mechanical contact to the thrust plate. It´s more high tech interpretation of the vintage 301 thrust plate.


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