Trigon Volcano III

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Accu-voeding voor Vanguard II


TRIGON Volcano II is an accumulator power supply especially designed for the Vanguard II phono amplifier – or for two of them if you would like to have more than one system ready for use. You can replace the provided power supply unit of the Vanguard II with the Volcano II without having to perform technical changes. Therefore, the phono amplifier can be refitted with the Volcano at anytime. The power supply (charger) which comes with the Volcano II is provided to charge and maintain the long-life lead gel accumulators. When it runs on clean battery power, the Vanguard is, sonically speaking, capably of moving to a higher league.

  • switchable to battery operation only
  • no parallel charge
  • integrated electronic charge
  • control with three-colored charge status
  • indication in the front panel
  • electronic protection against total discharge
  • Chassis: massive aluminum front panel black or silver anodized

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